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Rakesh son of B Raja Gopal

Rakesh son of B Raja Gopal comes with an experience of designing Interiors and furniture’s for home buyers for over 15 years under the banner of Ltd which was started in 2007 and have catered to corporate clients like 247.ai, Accenture, Wipro, HCG hospitals, Furlenco, Rentomojo, Nostalgia and scores of independent clients due to the quality of products created and delivered by the venture. We were known for our cost-efficient at the same time luxuries design, Custom designed for every client of ours. Rakesh proudly claims no 1 design has been recreated more than once unless insisted by the very same client. Every design has been unique every design has been custom specific as per customer requirement and taste.

We wants to create an extravaganza in the business of designing residential and commercial buildings from the basic to the complete structure, through this joint venture which they say they have been missing because of not partnering with each other. Now we have joined hands with many architects from across India and the globe like America, Singapore, England, Australia and from India They have architects from Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Bangalore and counting to provide clients with top standards of architectural, interior and furniture designs with unmatched class, design standards and quality. 

Huborg Interiors
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